Associate Constructor Certification (Level 1)

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The Associate Constructor (AC) is the first level of certification in the Constructor Certification Program.  This level of certification is ideal of recent graduates of 4-Year Construction Management Programs or those transitioning into construction management from other industries. AC's are individuals that have a high level of skill and knowledge in managing the process of construction.  


Why is this important?  AC's bring value to any project as they have a verified skill and knowledge level that is based on a body of knowledge that continues to be refined.  AC's bring peace of mind that you have a high performing individual on your team who seeks continual professional improvement through our required Continuing Professional Development program.  In addition, each AC agrees to abide by the AIC Code of Ethics, ensuring that they are professional and ethical members of the industry.  In addition, those earning the AC credential upon graduation of a

Register for the AC Level 1 Exam

Registration for the Spring 2021 Associate Constructor exam is now closed. The next exam window will occur in early November 2021. Registration details will be posted here in September 2021.