AIC Committees

The AIC has several standing committees that are led by volunteers.  These committees provide essential programming and direction that are the backbone for the AIC's growth as an organization.

Want to get involved?

Getting involved is easy. Most all AIC Committees meet virtually, making involvement easier for volunteers.  To get involved, please contact us at



Financial Committee 

Greg Carender, CPC, Chair

Mark Hall, CPC, Vice-Chair

Paul Mattingly, CPC

Joe Reitman, CPC

Brian Holley, CPC

James Geno Hogan, CPC


Membership Committee

Jim Nissen, CPC, Co-Chair

Murray Papendorf, CPC, Co-Chair

Brad Monson, CPC

Jason McAnarney

Travis Richardson



Marketing and Social Media Committee

Wayne O'Neil Co-Chair

Lana Coble, CPC, Co-Chair

Jim Nissen, CPC 

Murray Papendorf, CPC

Bailey Buffalo, CPC

Brian Holley, CPC



Programs and Education Committee

Eric Vechan, CPC, Co-Chair

David Dominguez, CPC, Co-Chair

James Geno Hogan, CPC

Chris Horton

Austin Beaver

Scott Cuthbertson


Publications Committee

Jason Lucas, Co-Chair & Editor

Hugh Cronin, CPC, Co-Chair

Lana Coble, CPC


Inter-Industry Relations

Robert Aniol, CPC, Co-Chair
Ted Chamberlain, CPC, Co-Chair

Douaa Eldiraoui, AC

James Geno Hogan, CPC


AIC Ethics Commission

Bruce Demeter, CPC, Chair

Sanford Foster, CPC, Vice-Chair

Mark Hall, CPC



Long Range Planning Committee

James Geno Hogan, CPC, Chair

Brian Holley, CPC, Vice Chair

Greg Carender, CPC

Joe Reitman, CPC

Jim Nissen, CPC

Murray Papendorf, CPC

Paul Mattingly, CPC