Using the AC Exam in a Construction Program

Over 50 Accredited Construction baccalaureate Programs currently use the Associate Constructor Examination as part of their program.  The exam provides programs with an in depth assessment tool. Currently over 2,000 individuals take the AC exam each year, which provides an invaluable opportunity for programs to see where their students stack up against the rest of the country. 

The AC Exam in the Classroom

Programs use the exam in a number of ways, including:

  • Requiring students to sit for the exam prior to graduation

  • Requiring students to pass the exam prior to graduation

  • Using the exam as part of the program Capstone

The exam also provides students with a professional designation upon passing the exam and graduation, a very unique and rewarding opportunity.  The exam is 300 multiple choice questions, offered in the spring and fall each year, and can be administered right in your own facilities.  Each University Partner receives an in depth report of their students, including a national average report to see how their programs compares to others across the country.

Ready to become an exam site?  Click here to submit an Exam Site Application.

Want to know more?  Hear more directly from two of our University Partners. 

What is required of an Exam Site?

Becoming an exam site is easy, but here are a few things to consider.

  • Exam Dates - we give the exam twice per year, in the spring and fall.

  • Space - The exam is given on a weekend and requires each site to have a room large enough to accommodate the exam candidates. 

  • Proctors - Each exam site must provide their own proctor, who much be an individual that does not educate the students taking the exam.  

  • Training and Documentation - Each site must sign normal confidentiality forms and review a short training guide each year.  

  • That's it! 

What Else? 

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you.

How can I apply to become an exam site?
Start by completing an Exam Site Application.  

How much does it cost to be an exam site?
Nothing! There is no cost to become an exam site.

What does the exam cost?
Currently the exam is $165 per candidate and $110 for re-examinations.  

Who pays for the exam?
That depends.  Some schools require the students to pay for the registration. Some programs split the costs or have third party affiliations like industry associations help cover the costs.  The AIC can work with your program to provide a discount code to be used in which students can register at no cost and the AIC will bill the program in bulk. 

What if we can not administer the exam on the national exam date?
We are flexible.  We can typically accommodate a date change for an exam site if it takes place within 1 week before or after the national exam date. 

How fast are the scores released?
Starting in Fall 2014 exam scores should be released within 3 weeks after the exam.