College of Fellows

The College of Fellows is a community of AIC members who have been in the Institute for years. Fellowship is the highest honor offered to a member of the Institute. It is limited to those persons who are sufficiently advanced in their careers to have demonstrated a consistent pattern of professional performance and whose inclusion in the College of Fellows will bring added distinction to that body. 

To be considered a Fellow, one must possess a distinguished background of service to the Institute, as well as maintain an AIC classification of Professional Member for at least ten years. A Fellow must be at least 40 years of age, hold a position of eminence in the profession, and be elected by at least three-quarters of the Fellows in good standing.

The AIC College of Fellows Chair is Tanya Matthews, FAIC, DBIA.


Looking for an AIC Fellow?  Click here to search our new College of Fellows Directory. 


Call for Nominations

The AIC College of Fellows is now accepting nominations!  Fellowship is the highest level of Membership within the AIC.  Nominations must carry the endorsement of at least 2 AIC Members at the Professional or Fellow Level.  Those nominated must then receive a majority vote of approval by the current College of Fellows.  


To make a nomination, please download the Nomination Form.  


Nomination Deadline: September 30, 2019.