Program on Construction Ethics

The AIC Program on Construction Ethics is collection of case studies examining ethical situations, providing an engaging way to explore ethical issues in the construction industry. 
Program objectives:

  • To create an understanding of construction ethics.

  • To provide an awareness of the ethical questions that arise in normal construction business operations.

  • To develop an understanding of the importance (consequences) of one's actions (on our firms, our industry, ourselves, and others) when making ethical decisions.

  • To create a better industry and environment in which to work.

The program was created by AIC Members.  The program does not provide questions that answered by a simple yes or no answer.  Each case study was created to provide a basis for a discussion, one in which each participant can develop their own answers and thinking.  

Who uses the program?

The program is in use in several ways.  In the classroom Construction Management Programs use the program as part their curriculum, as required or supplemental reading.  They also use the Program as part of an Ethics Team Competition.  Teams prepare responses to a selected case study and present it to a panel of Industry Advisory Boards members.  

In the industry companies have used the program in similar ways, as a way to start discussions on ethical situations.  Reviewing case studies and sparking critical thinking around the issues involved has been a successful use of the Program.  


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