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The Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) is the highest level of certification in the Constructor Certification Program.  This level of certification is ideal for individuals with established constructors who have several years of project oversight experience and seek to take their career to the next level.  Individuals that seek the CPC designation are experienced at managing the process of construction. Why is a CPC important to have on a construction project?  CPC's provide a project with an individual who has verified experience and skills, giving you peace of mind that your project is being managed efficiently and effectively.  You also know that you have an ethical and professional managing 

Fall 2020 CPC - Level 2 Exam Registration is Now Open!

 Registration for the Fall 2020 Certified Professional Constructor Examination is now open online. 

Fall 2020 Examination Dates and Deadlines

CPC Exam Period: November 6-22, 2020

CPC Application Deadline: October 15, 2020



Fall CPC Exam Testing Locations
A list of Fall 2020 CPC Exam Testing Locations can be found here: https://www.kryteriononline.com/locate-test-center

PLEASE NOTE: Testing centers that were temporarily closed due to the global COVID-19 pandemic have begun to re-open with reduced capacity and/or testing schedules in order to comply with local, state and national health guidelines.

Need Exam Prep Materials?
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Questions about registration or the exam should be directed to info@AIC-Builds.org.



CPC Examination Registration


To take the CPC examination, you must first apply.  The application process ensures that you meet the minimum requirements of the examination.  You will complete an online application, submit a resume and submit work experience forms.  


You will likely be required to submit more than one experience form.  This form should be used for each portion of experience you are using to meet the requirement, not just one form per company.  For example. If you were at Company XYZ for 10 years.  2 years as an estimator and 8 years as a project manager, you would need two forms completed.  Keep in mind that experience cannot overlap.  


Once you have completed your application you will be notified that you have been approved or not.  You will then be given information to register and schedule your examination at our network of examination sites.  It can take 3 weeks for approval of an application.  Scheduling for examinations may not be ready immediately after your approval.  Examinations will take place between November 6-22, 2020. 


CPC Exam Online Prep Course

The AIC has developed a new online, self-paced study course covering all content areas of the exam with extended online practice test that will give you the knowledge you need to succeed on the  exam. The course is available at a highly discounted rate of $200 for AIC Member and $300 for Non-Member.

How Certification Works

Certification is a voluntary and non-governmental process to recognize the education and/or experience of an individual who meets certain criteria and standards.  It is ongoing proof of commitment to ethics and professionalism and is something that is maintained throughout one's career.  To become certified an individual must meet qualifying requirements, apply for an examination, and once approved, sit for the examination.  Upon passing the examination and agreeing to the AIC Certificant Agreement, and individual is conferred the Certified Professional Constructor certification.    


How to Qualify for the Exam

To take the Certified Professional Constructor or Level 2 Exam a candidate must qualify by meeting one of the following requirements:


1.) Obtained 4 years of Qualifying Experience since earning the AC Credential and 2 Years must have been managing the execution of Construction work.


2.) 8 years of Qualifying Experience and/ or Education and 2 Years must have been managing the execution of Construction work.


Click here to learn how your experience qualifies you for the CPC Examination.  


Upon passing the CPC Exam an individual will be awarded the Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) credential.


The Exam

The CPC exam is made up of 175 multiple choice questions given in one 4-hour testing session via Computer Based Testing.  AIC has partnered with hundreds of professional examination sites, making the CPC highly accessible.  Once approved for the exam, a candidate can schedule the date, time and location of their exam within the set 2 week exam testing window.  




Application Fees:

Payable at the time of application with the AIC. 

Regular (Current AC) | $575.00

Exempt (Non-AC) | $675.00

Re-Examination | $500.00



Application Process

  1. Apply for certification with the AIC Online; submitting all necessary information. Payment of the Application Fee is made.

  2. Formal review of the application is completed by the AIC.

  3. If approved, the candidate is given an Examination Registration Code, which will be used to register for an Examination Date, Time and Location with the Assessment Systems of MN. Payment of the Examination Fee is made. 

Cancellations may be made by contact info@professionalconstructor.org.  Cancellations made 30 days before the start of the testing window will be given in full.  Cancellations made within 30 days of the testing window will be given a refund minus a cancellation fee of $225.  If you have scheduled your examination with a Assessment Systems (AS) Testing Site, you must cancel your appointment (AS 763-447-3207) at least 48 hours in advance of your test date.  In some cases, the Commission will consider emergency situations when issuing refunds.  


Transfers can be made free of charge if their exam date has not been scheduled. If their exam date has been scheduled, they may transfer to a future exam date at a charge of $225.  They still must cancel their AS appointment at least 48 hours ahead of their scheduled exam.  Candidates may reschedule their exam within the testing window at no charge, but changes must be made 48 hours ahead of their original exam date.  




The CPC Exam Body of Knowledge

The CPC Body of Knowledge is developed by practicing professionals and has been a refined over the nearly 20 year history of the CPC exam. 


I. Project Scope Development 11%
II. Employment Practices 8%
III. Working Relationships 11%
IV. Construction Start-Up and Support 11%
V. Construction Resource Management 13%
VI. Construction Cost Control 12%
VII. Project Closeout 11%
VIII. Construction Risk Management 12%
IX. Ethics 11%
Total 100%

Studying For the Exam

CPC Exam Online Prep Course

The AIC has developed a new online, self-paced study course covering all content areas of the exam with extended online practice test that will give you the knowledge you need to succeed on the  exam. The course is available at a highly discounted rate of $200 for AIC Member and $300 for Non-Member.



Learn more by reviewing our list of references



Maintaining the Credential


After being awarded the CPC credential you must participate in the Continuing Professional Development Program.  This program ensures that each certificant keeps current on industry trends and education.  Each individual certification is valid for two years, beginning the first full year after earning the certification. 

  • Pay a yearly CPD Fee of $75, billed in November of the year before it is due.  AIC Members have this fee waived, note that AC certification is not AIC Membership.  

  • Obtain 32 Hours of CPD Credit over the 2 year Certification Cycle.  Every two years you will be asked to submit an affidavit verifying you earned the 32 Hours.

  • 10% of CPC's will be asked during their review period to participate in an Audit of their hours.  This will require those CPCs to provide backup documentation of their hours earned. 


Certified Professional Constructor Level 2 Docs 

Documents that are used in the Certified Professional Constructor Level 2 Certification process.

Certified Professional Constructor Exam Candidate PDF (317.63 KB)

Work Verification Form PDF (66.35 KB) 

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