Exam Policies

Retaking an Exam

You may retake then examination as many times as you need until you pass. Only your final, passing score will be counted.

Re-exam Fees: 
Associate Constructor $155
Certified Professional Constructor $500

To retake an exam please login with the account you created when first applying and complete the online registration. You are not required to submit additional documentation for your reexamination application if you are reapplying within 2 years of your first attempt.


Candidates not able to sit for the examination on the date or location for which registered must notify AIC Constructor Certification Commission in writing or email as soon as possible. You may reschedule or cancel your exam for any reason, provided you let the Commission know at least 30 days prior to the application.

All cancellation and reschedule requests must be by emailing us at info@professionalconstructor.org.  


You may cancel your exam registration up to 30 days before the exam date and be refunded your exam fee minus a $105 processing fee. Cancellation requests within 30 days of the exam will not be processed and no refunds will be given.


Emergencies and Exceptions

In certain circumstances, you may reschedule or cancel your exam at no charge. In most cases, only medical emergencies and national service (such as military deployment) qualify for no-fee rescheduling.

Exam Appeals

The AIC Constructor Certification Commission offers the opportunity for individuals to request an appeal for any adverse decisions they feel feel was delivered unjustly, and that you would like reconsidered. For those who have take an examination you can appeal:

  • Denial of admission to take the examination

  • Denial of request to transfer or reschedule examination

  • Delivery of a failing score on an examination.


Exam Appeal Fees

Denial of admission to take examination(Includes Denial of request to transfer or reschedule examination):

  • Level I Examination - $40.00

  • Level II Examination - $50.00

Failure of Certification Examination

  • Level I Examination - $30.00

  • Level II Examination - $60.00

To submit an appeal please use the proper form and submit all fees with the form. Appeals will only be considered if the appropriate fee is submitted with the documentation. All appeals must be submitted within 30 days of the exam score release.

Click here to download the Appeal Request Form.