AIC Education Foundation

The AIC Education Foundation is a 501 c (3) charitable Foundation dedicated to provided educational resources and opportunities for professional constructors. 


The Foundation is dedicated to funding various educational programs that directly impact the lives of professional constructors and educators. The Foundation helps fund scholarships for university students seeking to earn the Associate Constructor (AC) designation. The Foundation also provides funding in support of The Professional Constructor Journal, a scholarly journal published twice per year by the AIC and the AIC University, an online education program.  

Fran Dugan Scholarship

The Fran Dugan was established in 2014 to honor one of the founding members of the AIC and the AIC Education Foundation, Francis R. Dugan.  The Dugan Scholarship will be awarded yearly to one Construction Management University Student in the amount of $2,000. 


The 2019 Scholarship Application period is now available. Click here to access the Scholarship Application. 


Become a supporter of the Fran Dugan Scholarship by making your tax-deductible donation today! Click here to donate.

Support the Foundation

The Foundation is funded by contributions from individuals and companies who share the values of providing educational opportunities to professionals in the construction industry. As a 501 c (3) charitable organization all contributions to the AIC Education Foundation are 100% tax deductible.

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Board of Trustees

  • Mark Giorgi, FAIC, Chair

  • Tanya Matthews, FAIC, DBIA, Vice-Chair

  • Andy Wasiniak, FAIC, CPC

  • Joe Matthews, FAIC, CPC

  • Fran Dugan, FAIC

  • Jim Redlinger, FAIC, CPC

  • Roger Liska, FAIC, CPC

  • David Mattson, FAIC, CPC

Our Latest Initiatives

2017 - Funded the development of the CPC Exam Online Prep Course.


2015 - Funded the revision of the Associate Constructor examination study guide.  


2014 - Created the Fran Dugan Scholarship which will award 1 $2,000 scholarship yearly to a Construction Management Student. 

2014 - Was a lead supporter and donor in the creation of the AIC University online education portal.  


2013 - AIC Constructor Certification Commission Revalidation Study for both the CPC and AC Examinations.  The Foundation provided funding to complete the Job Task Analysis Survey and the revalidation process which was essential in maintaining the highest quality of examination for the Constructor Certification Program.

2010-2013 - Funded the AIC Professional Constructor Journal Editor Stipend.  


Contact the Foundation

AIC Education Foundation
19 Mantua Rd. 
Mt. Royal, NJ 08061
P: 703-683-4999 | E: 



AIC Education Foundation

Francis Dugan Scholarship Application PDF (273.67 KB)

Francis Dugan Scholarship Overview PDF (179.68 KB)