The Professional Constructor Journal

The Professional Constructor, the Journal of the AIC is a Bi-Annual publication.  Each article featured undergoes a three person review panel consisting of AIC Members.  The review evaluates the content and style, and its appropriateness as either a general interest or scholarly publication. Each Journal is published on AIC's Issuu Channel.

The Editor of the Journal is Jason Lucas, PhD, Assistant Professor at Clemson University.  If you wish to submit a manuscript for consideration please review the Submission Guide or submit your finished manuscript to Jason by email at


Download copies of recent editions of the Journal below. 

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The Professional Constructor Journal


Case-Study of Real-World Emissions verus EPA Emission Standards for Motor Graders

Frequency and Magnitude of Cost Growth in Public Works Contracts 

Understanding Sub-Contractor Selection Factors in the Building Construction Industry for the Southeast United States 

The Impact of Climate Change on Building Energy Demands and Mitigation Measures in Florida

2021 James L. Allhands Essay Competition Winners 

How New, Innovative Technology can be Implemented to Combat the Construction Industry Labor Shortage

How New, Innovative Technology and Project Execution Tools and Techniques can be Used to Improve the Construction process (Including Safety and Efficiency) 

The Adaptive Construction Industry 


PERT, CPM and the Tangled History of Network Scheduling

Charles Christopher Smith, Vivek Sharma, and Gregory B. Baecher


Role of Infrastructure in the Success of Residential Developments in Michigan

Aditi Hardekar and M.G. Matt Syal

A Culture-Based Analysis of Construction Management Students’ Conflict Management Styles

David W. Martin

Indentifying Challenges to Project Outcomes from a Transportation Project Owner Perspective

Evan D. Bingham, Clifton B. Farnsworth, Rebecca O. Warr, and James P. Smith

Change Management in Construction: Necessity, Obstacles, and Suggested Solutions

Ihab M.H. Saad

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