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National Construction Company of the Year Award

About the Award

One of the major goals of the Constructor Certification Commission is to increase the visibility and credibility of Constructor Certification within the industry which we serve. This can be achieved in many ways through our many stakeholders – one being those companies that promote (and even require) their qualified employees to become certified by the Commission. To help achieve this goal the Commission has developed a national awards program to recognize those construction companies who are supporting certification at a high level.


Award Criteria

Criteria To Be Considered for The National Construction Company Award of Excellence:

  • Promote and reward AIC CCC Constructor Certification within the organization in the personnel recruiting, hiring, evaluation and development processes.

  • Have at least one CPC employed in the company.

  • The same company can only receive the award for no more than two consecutive years

Nomination Process

To nominate your and/or another company write a letter of nomination limited to three double spaced word-processed pages, signed by you. Nominations must be submitted by email to  The deadline to submit a nomination is March 31, 2019.  


The letter must respond to the following two questions:

  • How does the company promote and reward AIC certification in their personnel recruitment, hiring, evaluation and development processes? Provide details and include with the nomination letter any pertinent company documents that support the detailed description. (Company documents and supporting materials can be submitted along with the up to 3 page nomination letter)

  • How many certified ACs and CPCs are employed in the company?


How The Winner is Determined

Nominations are reviewed by the Commission's Awards Task-force, which is appointed by the Commission Chairman. The Awards Task-force then makes a recommendation to be confirmed by the Commission.


Past Company Award Winners